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Where to start.. I've been a "customer" of Western Mutual for 12+ years and have been paying them to insure my house. There staff is rude, and works very "hard" and putting all the requirements on the "customer". After more then 50 payments (again 12 yrs) to them on time, I was late recently on a payment. Their solution..they cancel your policy. They sent a letter, but no phone calls, no real effort.

Despite a payment actually being made to them (which they said does not count despite the fact that they processed the funds and have not returned them in over 3 weeks), they want a letter written from me asking to be a customer again and to cover my house (again after 12 years of uninterrupted payments).

One amazing direct quote from their underwriter Laura Stanislawski was, " I leave at 3:45 everyday, and it is 3:38 and you'll need to call back tomorrow" - mind you, I was trying to give her a payment over the phone.

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Yike !!!!

Los Angeles, California, United States #693537

This is an absolutely dispicable company run by the Joe Crail Foundation for the Promotion of Nepotism and Corruption :)

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